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BASCONI brand was originated in a charming Italian region of Tuscany in 1942.
It has matured from a small workshop to a factory established and managed by the family of Bemasconi.
Three generations of craftsmen earned the Bemasconi family an impeccable reputation.
Their hand-made shoes with exquisite design, excellent materials and elegant
style were noticed and appreciated by the noble society of Tuscany.

Alex Bemasconi represented the third generation of shoemakers.
At the age of 13 he made up his mind to carry forward the
family’s exquisite skills. In 1942 he already had his own
shop producing customized high-quality shoes for Tuscany
ladies and making first steps into the complicated world
of luxury shoes manufacturing. In 1967 Alex officially
established and opened the first
workshop of Bemasconi factory.

Reflecting on elegance and style,
we turned to fine simplicity
in luxury creation
–– Alex Bemasconi

Footwear produced by Bemasconi factory always had a distinguished quality and durability and emphasized a natural balance. Craftsmen of Bemasconi knew the demands and expectations of their clients. Their footwear had perfect fit and unprecedented comfort. With every purchase customers acquired a genuine aesthetic pleasure. Even in the course of the World War II the craftsmanship of Bemasconi managed to preserve the spirit of Italy – noble character, elegance, confidence, cultivated taste and, of course, traditional quality. Surprisingly, this difficult period brought dramatic changes and started a new birth of the Italian style.

Let the light of luxury shine on more people
–– Martha Cong


In 1995 Martha Song successfully purchased Bemasconi factory and changed the brand to a concise one – BASCONI. Bemasconi family experts continued to run existing business processes and coordinated expansion in new territories. Design team of BASCONI is busy participating in biggest fashion shows and expos around the world. Every day BASCONI evolves with new design concepts, fresh ideas and bold solutions.


BASCONI is a brilliant combination of classic style and modern international fashion trends, matching vivid colors, application of high-end and natural materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. Today BASCONI proudly achieved an “adept of new approach to the luxury” status.


In a matter of decades BASCONI has evolved from a small family business to an international fashion brand – combining elegant and classic style with contemporary luxury. BASCONI is a choice for demanding and sophisticated consumers pursuing high quality of life, striving for luxury products with exceptional characteristics and value.